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Alpha-H's Michelle Doherty talks skincare regimes

Alpha-H's Michelle Doherty talks skincare regimes

If you suffer from breakouts it's easy to start blaming the make-up you put on your skin - but actually it might be what you're using to remove it that's the problem. Michelle Doherty is the woman behind the Alpha-H brand and she is astounded by the amount of people who think nothing of using cleansers with cheap ingredients. As far as she's concerned, splashing out on pricey foundations or hybrid make-up items is pointless if you aren't cleaning your skin properly too.

"A lot of people say SPFs cause breakouts; in my professional opinion it’s often make-up cleansing at night that’s going to be the cause of a breakout because you do need to up the ante [when you use an SPF]," she told Cover Media. "A lot of people are wearing these BB creams, CC creams… those ingredients are often quite thick because they’ve got all of the other components… we were just talking about a [new] study that found women now are skimping on the core basic skincare of cleansers and moisturisers, in order to be able to buy these new make-ups, and serums, and moisturiser and sunscreen in one. How much sunscreen do we know we have to put on our skin every day to get the right amount of protection? It’s just underneath a teaspoon for your face and your neck. Can you imagine putting a teaspoon of foundation on your face to get the right amount of coverage? So what they’re doing is skimping on basics in order to get these latest foundations. I’m not dissing those companies but I think our customers need to understand that they still need to invest in good basic skincare in order for them to be about to remove this 48-hour stay make-up."

Michelle explains that with so many new make-up items promising to mattify the skin, it's no wonder that sometimes it can become clogged. This is why she advises "stepping up your cleansing routine" by ditching things like wipes in favour of balms or creams.

The next step in sorting out your skin should be taking the time to consider what you're putting on it. While many people are against using creams with alcohol in, she has no issue with it. What is a problem, as far as Michelle is concerned, is a lack of understanding around certain ingredients.

"We walked past this (beauty) counter (the other day) and I said to this lady, 'What's inside that product? You know, the claims are outstanding, what's inside that product?' She said, 'Well you'll just have to look on the back of the box.' And I said to her, 'Excuse me?' And she said, 'Well look on the back of the box,' and she handed me the box. This was a really prestige (company). I said, 'Does it have any alcohol in it?' 'Oh no no no no no.' (My husband) Dean got the box, put his glasses on and just as we walked past he said, 'Look, just for your information, alcohol is number two on your list.'

"I think it's really important that people (understand this sort of thing)."

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