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All about oil

All about oil

Deciding which products to use and which don't need to make it into your routine can be really tough, especially with so many new things launched each week. Before you know it you'll be embarking on a 12-step beauty regime without evening meaning to, and while that's great for some people others might find it provokes their skin (especially sensitive ladies).

John Hamilton is a Cosmetology Dermatologist and anti-ageing expert and believes one of the best things you can do for your skin is to streamline what you use.

"[The problem with] beauty regimes these days [is it's just] too much," he told Cover Media. "There are far, far too many products. Creams are not going to go into the dermis of the skin. You're just lubricating and protecting dead cells on the surface. Oils penetrate to the lower level."

John is a big promoter of natural oils to helps skin look its best. Cleansing oils have enjoyed something of a moment over the last year or so and he is pleased, although for him the kind of oil you use is the most important bit - which doesn't usually mean picking one up from your local pharmacy. He recommends natural things like avocado, peach, coconut and jojoba oils, adding that as they can be difficult to work with its best to be "spartan" when you apply. It's also important that they don't have lots of added ingredients.

"Think about changing with the seasons; you need a summer and a winter oil. Use powerful oils at the end of summer, maximum protection ones during summer and in winter a layer of protection to kill viruses," he added.

"For younger skin use a fruit oil and older skin needs a rejuvenating one. Avoid nut oils if you have a nut allergy and be careful as some are just aroma oils and so they won't do you any good, they are just for smell.

"With argan oils you are paying a lot of money but that doesn't mean it's any better. Grape seed are one of the best and also the cheapest as they are mass produced."

And rethink when you use oils in your regime too. Yes they are great for cleansing and moisturising, but they also work when you're shaving and on hair.

On top of this, John believes an oil-based beauty regime can really help with anti-ageing. Although it might mean rising a little earlier as you'll need to let it sink in,  he is adamant that anyone who uses an oil in the mornings will soon see a real difference in their skin.

"You can't reverse all the damage [to your skin] but you can reverse a lot by stopping further damage," he explained. "Collagen tries to grow back to how it should be, so if you stop further damage you can restore your skin. If you use a natural oil in your 70s, you'll look like you're in your 50s."

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