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Air dry hair with ease

Air dry hair with ease

Excessive heat can damage your hair to the point where you need a big chunk cut off so it can grow back healthier. So if you're planning to be smart and air dry your hair as much as you can, we have some ways to speed the process up.

You can already make a difference at the washing stage: conditioner not only nourishes your hair but it repels water. This is because conditioners include ingredients such as silicones and fatty alcohols, which stick to your strands, forming a coating that allows liquid to slide off them.

When you're finished washing, wring your hair out gently to extract as much water as possible. You may normally squeeze all your locks at once, but by dividing them into sections you're able to release a lot more liquid.

Towel drying comes next, and you should be using an absorbent towel - it really does pay off to fork out on decent material! Microfiber options, such as the famous Turbie Twist, work well and will leave your hair almost dry to the touch after use. Again, tend to your tresses in sections and blot rather than rub, as vigorous rubbing could break strands.

So once your hair is as dry as you can get it, comb it into your desired parting and use your fingers to separate. Like with the towel, you want to use a good brush, preferably with microfiber bristles, that will be gentle on your locks and aid the drying process.

And if it's a warm day out, why not open your window and let the hot air in as a natural blow dry?

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