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Adult acne: Myths vs. facts

Adult acne: Myths vs. facts

Acne is something we all grow up thinking will disappear once puberty is over and done with, but for many people it’s a skin condition they suffer their entire lives. Adult acne is so common that 1.3 million people in the U.K. live with it, and it gets even worse during the summer thanks to sweat, sunlight and humidity.

Research conducted by brand Dermalex, to mark the launch of its treatment Dermalex Acne, found 57 per cent of people feel insecure and embarrassed with acne, while just over half (56 per cent) admit they feel ugly with the skin condition.

But it’s hard to determine what’s fact and what’s myth when it comes to causes and managing acne, so Dermalex has decided to put your worries at rest by confirming which claims are true.

Myth: Poor hygiene and dirty skin causes the spots

The truth: There is no direct correlation between having dirty skin or poor hygiene and getting acne, which is because the reactions that trigger the spots are below the skin’s surface, therefore anything above that will have a small effect. Those who are worried about the sanitation of their skin might even cause harm with excessive cleaning, as this could aggravate skin more than normal.

Myth: Squeezing spots will get rid of them

The truth: No – this will make them worse! Dermalex found 40 per cent of sufferers believe this myth but in reality picking and squeezing could lead to scarring or inflammation, making everything look worse.

Myth: Acne is triggered by unhealthy eating habits

The truth: Hormones are what affect acne, as when sebum is overproduced it blocks pores, causing breakouts and whiteheads. Of course you may feel your skin is worse after a night of drinking and eating junk food, but it hasn’t been proven that eating a healthy diet prevents acne. Eat a balanced diet for your health and overall wellbeing – if you feel good on the inside, it will show on the outside!

Myth: Toothpaste helps treat spots

The truth: Drying out the skin which such a harsh product which is meant for your teeth is a recipe for soreness. Stick to treatments that treat the spot and don’t suck all the moisture out of your skin and you won’t have to put up with flaky, sensitive areas.

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