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A/W15's new skincare innovations

A/W15's new skincare innovations

When the seasons start to change, it's pretty normal to see a vast amount of new skincare hitting shelves. Whether that's the latest SPF innovations during the sunny months or hydrating moisturisers when the cold weather kicks in, you can be sure there'll be a lot to splash your cash on.

Autumn/Winter 15 is a little different though, because this season brands are adding in whole new skincare steps, as well as the usual serums and masks.

Possibly the most pioneering is Elizabeth Arden's latest launch, the Superstart Skin Renewal Booster. This isn't a normal serum or moisturiser; it's a whole new section of skincare. It should be applied after cleansing, underneath your serum and/or moisturiser, which it then helps to work even better. It strengthens the skin's ability to repair itself and improves its barrier so moisture isn't lost. It can be used on its own as a serum if you like, but the real win is when you team it with products for specific concerns - during trials, 95 per cent of women claimed it made their skincare more effective. Whether you have dehydration, irritation, oiliness of anti-ageing issues, using this, then a targeted product, will really help.

Another tip for anyone suffering from dry or dehydrated skin is Clinique Smart Treatment Oil. This is light, so it won't leave your face feeling oily, which is a good job, because you should use this during the day as well as at night. That's because it has three antioxidants in it, and those are beneficial for fighting free radicals from things like pollution during the day. It also boasts ingredients which are specifically for helping the skin's barrier, again with the main aim of locking in moisture. What's interesting with this one is the suggestion that you use it over your moisturiser to lock in the layers of skincare you've put on.

If you have some products you really love but which could do with a boost - perhaps your skin has suddenly become sensitive or is looking dull - Cover FX has you covered. Its Custom Infusion Drops come in four varieties and are added to anything you already have to super-boost it, whether that's a serum, oil or moisturiser.

The versions help with either hydration, calming, anti-ageing or radiance and they can even be added to make-up. That means your foundation can become a valuable part of your skincare arsenal, whether you want to make it more moisturising or help your skin glow.

Finally, brand This Works has launched the Light Time Skin Plumper, which was created to help people who've had a bad night's sleep. Anyone who struggles with shuteye will know that soon tells on the face, with puffiness, fine lines and general dullness all telltale signs. This products works to cut puffiness while simultaneously filling out dehydrations marks, which can show as fine lines, and getting rid of those annoying crease marks pillows and sheets can leave. Your skin will look radiant and feel smooth - it's basically eight hours' sleep in a bottle.

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