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A/W 15's most daring make-up trend

A/W 15's most daring make-up trend

We may be nearing the end of Fashion Month once more and be full of Spring/Summer 16 trend ideas, but our attention should really be on the catwalk shows of February/ March (15). These trends, both in beauty and fashion, are finally on our radar and we couldn't be more excited.

Cosmetics king Terry Barber, MAC's director of make-up artistry, is particularly excited about an edgy new make-up look about to take beauty by storm.

"There were a lot of references to punk and goth on the runways. A lot of bold, black statements. This season was about working them into something that is incredibly chic," Terry explained to Cover Media.

One standout moment came at the Giles show in London. Models, including Kendall Jenner, strutted the runway with bold, black lips.

"Giles lip, the black lip, was a real moment in the Fashion Weeks. It was very, very daring but it was intensely beautiful and highly stylised.

"Try dark colours, not just black; oxblood, eggplant. Treating that darkness in the same way you would treat a red, the same respect for the lip shape, the same beautiful lacquered, veneered texture. Not a punk revival, but in a very sensual and sexual way," Terry advised.

If you are going to go all out with your lips, try the look with a contrasting hair style.

"Punk meets prim. The idea of a natural, translucent skin with a slightly Amish hair, school teacher-ish pinned hair. Playful contrast; wearing something strong with everything else subdued and proper," Terry smiled.

Continuing with this make-up trend, dubbed the Beautiful and Damned by Terry, is eyeliner. Instead of playing it safe this season, why not go a little grungy?

"Eyeliner in an interesting place, getting away from just the classic. It's a woman's favourite make-up statement, it's the ultimate statement," Terry stated.

"It's the way a woman customises it. It can be sharp and perfected on just the top lid, super lid, but also customising it to look older - to look days old and lived in."

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