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A/W 15 nail trends

A/W 15 nail trends

Autumn/Winter is traditionally the time for dark nails, and this season is no different - but with a twist. This time around it's about layering to get a real depth of colour, according to top manicurist Marian Newman.

The nail expert was on hand to deliver the polish trends with Autumn/Winter 15 for MAC and she cited black layered on top of another colour as this season's go-to style. "Solid, dark colour with a detail," she explained. "Always super glossy."

This translates as a slick of something like dark purple or burgundy, with a thin coating of black over the top. The result will be a gothic vibe perfect for the winter months, which should always be super glossy this season - see the deep blacks and greens seen at Alice + Olivia and Sass & Bide.

If you want to take things up a notch, weaponry is another major trend. According to Marian this is about tribal, subversive and grown-up beauty, so it should be powerful rather than overly feminine.

"No more cutesy, cutesy," she explained. "It's very considered, minimal detail but sophisticated."

The key here is 'considered'; don't just slap any old thing on your nails, everything has to be there for a reason because the devil is in the detail. You don't want it to look like you're trying too hard, so take your tip from Jenny Packham and add a bit of interest to a nude nail by adding spots of coral polish. Small tattoos on a couple of nails is another way to look modern - at Erin Fetherston models had a nude manicure with a small gold cross added on just their fourth finger.

It's fine to view nails as a fashion accessory too, but don't take things too far. "Try a colour under, then matte on top," Marian suggested. "When polish is dry rub oil on it and you get a very pleasing satiny finish."

Or stick with metallics, which this season make nails look like an extra piece of jewellery.

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