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A Moulin Rouge dancer's guide to a healthy lifestyle

A Moulin Rouge dancer's guide to a healthy lifestyle

When you hear the words “Paris” and “Le Moulin Rouge”, they conjure up images of glamour and beauty. People have been wondering for many years how Parisian girls manage to stay so healthy, slim and attractive, and many books have tried to answer the question. Well, we've gone one better: Caroline Raynal is the lead dancer of Le Moulin Rouge and, even though she’s British, she’s a true Parisian at heart, with tips on how to keep fit and healthy with glowing skin and a perfect body.

“I think, to feel well, it’s a mix of everything: a good, healthy, balanced lifestyle. It’s about the food you eat and also the exercise," she explained to Cover Media.

As the lead dancer of Le Moulin Rouge, the so called Meneuse de revue, she might have two shows at a prestigious venue per day, but that is not enough to keep in shape. She strongly advises “exercising outside as well”, but also places emphasis on getting enough sleep.

“I need to have my eight hours sleep and then I’m OK," she added.

Her diet is also an important part of her beauty routine, and she'd never juice to stay slim.

“I eat everything, but in moderation; I don’t want to go crazy. So my main advice is: don’t stop eating,” she explained. “I need food for energy, I really do. I wouldn’t enjoy the show if I was not eating enough. You have to feed your muscles. I would just collapse on stage if I was not eating," she added.

When it comes to guilty pleasures she's quite lucky, as Caroline isn't big on ice cream. However: “I do like chocolate! I suppose that’s my guilty pleasure. As well as Italian food," she added.

Her diet is simple and healthy: “Normally, I go to sleep around 3.30 or 4 in the morning, so when I wake up, it’s usually not after 11 o’clock. I like to see the morning. For breakfast, it’s almost lunch, so it’s kind of more a brunch for me. I normally have protein, so eggs are a good way to start. And coffee. Sometimes salmon," she listed.

Also, she never exercises straight after eating.

“I eat again around 5 o’clock, so it gives me the time to digest before dancing. I don’t eat at normal times. People are eating around 8 at night, but we are preparing for the show, like warming up and preparing our costumes," she added.

So there we are: now you know the secret!

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