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A mini guide to temporary hair colour

A mini guide to temporary hair colour

If you’re looking for a temporary transformation with your hair, temporary hair colours are a good place to start; you get to rock a new shade for up to a month without any lasting effects.

There are different types you can use for different results, which we’re going to take you through here.

For large areas, or bright colours, semi-permanent dye contains no mixing and is quick to apply, often used for blending greys or enhancing the current colour. But you do need to be aware that lighter strands will catch the shade more than the darker ones, meaning you may be left with an uneven finish until the product fades.

With many only indicating around 15-20 minutes to let the colour soak in, you can apply, rinse out and style within an hour! Then the shade should last up to 12 washes.

A slightly longer result comes in the form of demi-permanent dyes, which can last up to 24 shampoos. The colour has to be mixed with a low-volume developer and is also used to blend and enhance, as well as highlights and full-on changes.

Or you might want to try a colour rinse; a solution of hair colour made to be applied straight after shampooing and conditioning, but before you style it. The product rests on the surface of the hair, meaning it will wash out super quick without leaving any damage or lasting results. Whether you want a bright shade or a subtle tint, there’s an option out there – just make sure you hold off washing your locks as you’ll lose it quickly.

Even more temporary results can come from hair chalks or mascaras. The first simply allows users to coat their wet strands with the chalk for temporary highlights or dip-dye (though again, lighter colours will catch more), and the mascara has the same gist but you use a wand rather than a crayon. Both will last a couple of washes.

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