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60s-style lashes

60s-style lashes

Nothing screams the 60s more than big, bold eyelashes. Think Twiggy in her prime with her big blue eyes, which appear larger than life as she gazes into the camera.

This trend has been brought back to the forefront of fashion and achieving this look requires a lot more concentration and detail.

Rumour has it Twiggy layered several pairs of falsies to create the extreme finish, but we imagine that must have weighed her eyelids down.

You want to coat your lashes in a good serum or primer to begin with, so they can withhold what's to come. If you have a serum, apply this a few days leading up to creating the look, as it will strengthen and encourage your lashes to grow. As for the primer, you simply pop on a coat before your mascara for a strong base.

Next, get your hands on a good eyelash curler so you can really expand and lengthen, as well as coaxing them to face upwards.

The beauty of Twiggy-like lashes is that we all hate it when everything gets clumped together, but for this particular look it's exactly what you're after. With your best mascara ready to roll, apply a layer as you normally would. When dried, go in with the next coating, making sure that while the lashes get a little clumpier, the distance between them is relatively even. After all, we're going for a model look, not spider legs.

The same goes for the bottom - it may be best to use a mascara with a brush/comb dedicated to bottom lashes for this step. Get them as neat, thick and long as possible without overdoing it and stop as soon as you've accomplished your desired finish.

With such bold eyes, you want to replicate another part of Twiggy's look - nude lips. Slick on some clear lipgloss, a layer of balm or a natural shade of lipstick to put all focus on your peepers. 


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