October 27th, 2016


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Beauty products to beat the blemishes

Tried and tested: hair sprays

Are you stuck in that horrible middle ground of either not enough hairspray, leading to a flyaway nightmare, or too much, leaving locks looking almost crunchy? Well fear not, we’ve rounded up the top hairsprays currently out there.

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Birch water beauty

Move aside coconut and aloe vera, there’s a new “super water” in town.

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Microbead lowdown

The use of microbeads in beauty products has been slammed by environmentalists for the devastating effects the tiny plastic particles has upon our oceans, but now the beauty world is also turning against the miniscule plastic balls. Found in everything from face scrubs to toothpaste, microbeads have replaced traditional, biodegradable alternatives such as ground nut shells and salt crystal in our favourites products, with billions of beads ending up down the drain on a daily basis. After making their way into the sea, the microbeads absorb toxins before being ingested by marine life, and eventually ending up on our plates.