Why everyone loves the Irish fans

Why everyone loves the Irish fans

Irish fans have been the talk of Europe for their good-natured banter and craic while following their team.

Today's edition of the Observer gave this tribute in a feature on the best things of Euro 2016 so far:

Le Monde billed them “the model fans of Euro 2016”, French magazine SoFoot asked “Are the Irish fans the best in the world?”

Among the evidence so far: trademark “Angela Merkel thinks we’re at work” banners, and viral footage of Ireland fans serenading a nun on a train, tidying up after themselves in Bordeaux while chanting “Clean up for the boys in green”, changing an elderly French couple’s flat tyre, singing “Stand up for the French police”, and giving a surprised Paris resident the full Bieber treatment by mass cheering him every time he appeared on his balcony.

They really are the best!