Video - You'll Never Walk Alone play at Old Trafford

Old Trafford has never heard anything like it
Old Trafford has never heard anything like it

Liverpool fan DJ Spoony couldn't resist the chance to turn his stint on the Old Trafford PA system into a classic comedy stunt on Saturday - as he blasted out You'll Never Walk Alone at the home of Manchester United.

The celebrity DJ played the anthem that has been adopted by Liverpool supporters as he took his turn selecting the music ahead of Saturday night's Super League Grand final between Leeds Rhinos and Wigan Warriors.

With Leeds fans also sharing a fierce rivalry with Manchester United, a sizeable number a fans at a sell-out Old Trafford joined in with the prank, which the DJ promised to pull-out as he offered up a playlist prior to kick-off on his Twitter feed:

Spoony spent the next few hours thanking his Twitter admirers who toasted him for playing You'll Never Walk Alone at the Theatre of Dreams, with a few messages of abuse from United fans thrown in for good measure.

Here was the moment when he played the most unlikely tune you will ever see at Old Trafford, as tweeted by @RyanBwfc11: