Video - Spike O'Sullivan plants a kiss on Eubank Jnr

O'Sullivan and Eubank getting up close and personal
O'Sullivan and Eubank getting up close and personal

Chris Eubank Jnr got just want he didn't want from Gary 'Spike' O'Sullivan at the weigh-in for their big fight on Saturday night - a big smack on the lips from the feisty Irishman.

Eubank had previously refused to indulge in the traditional pre-fight face-off with his rival, after O'Sullivan had kissed a former opponent when he got a little too close and personal.

Well, Spike repeated his trick in front of an excited audience, with Eubank and his legendary father Chris Snr among the few who failed to see the funny side of the incident.

Ireland's former world champion Steve Collins was on hand to witness the comedy scenes before the fight, as he stood a matter of yards away from his old rival Eubank to revive memories of their classic battles in the 1990s.

Arguably the most bizarre scenes at the weight-in were provided by Eubank Snr, who offered up this crazy dance to a watching audience. Oh dear!