Video: Conor McGregor claims to have spies in the Jose Aldo camp

McGregor: I got spies
McGregor: I got spies

In the latest Embedded video for UFC 194, Conor McGregor claims he has spies in Jose Aldo's camp.

The video, posted to YouTube overnight, features the interim featherweight champ talk about the Brazilian pulling out of their proposed bout in July.

McGregor claims that in the pre-fight camp Aldo brought in a fighter to mimic the Dubliner's style and that fighter caused the injury that led to the bout being cancelled.

'Notorious' claims that he knows this because: "I have my spies in their camp so I see everything that goes on in that camp.”

The clip also features lots on the other main event, middleweight champion Chris Weidman against Luke Rockhold so skip to 5.45 if you just want to see McGregor's section of the video.

It all kicks off on Saturday night in Las Vegas.