Twitter erupts as media training recommended for Conor McGregor

McGregor and Diaz during the UFC 202 rematch
McGregor and Diaz during the UFC 202 rematch

The Irish fighter had a hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission today over the now infamous UFC 202 press conference.

The UFC featherweight champion faced the hearing following the pre-fight press conference that descended into rage in August.

In case you had forgotten, these are the crazy scenes from the UFC 202 press conference held in Las Vegas before McGregor Diaz 2.

Chaos erupted at the MGM Grand as a pre-fight press conference ahead of McGregor's rematch with Diaz descended first into farce before threatening to erupt into a riot.

Tensions between McGregor and the UFC had come bubbling back to the surface when the Notorious turned up over a half-hour late for the final pre-fight press conference at the casino's David Copperfield Theatre.

When he did eventually show, McGregor was mid-way through answering his second question when Diaz stormed off the stage and made for the exits with his entourage.

As they shouted obscenities down at McGregor's camp sat stage left, the slagging match took a turn for the worse when the camps started to launch water bottles and cans at each other with media caught somewhere in the crossfire and the fans at the back of the arena going wild.

McGregor, who went on to win the bloody bout by majority decision, today faced an NAC hearing over his role in the fracas.

The media training aspect of the punishment caused much mirth on Twitter, with the Crumlin fighter showing himself to be more than adept at media-related activities throughout his career:

However, the commission's recommendation is not yet final as the Dublin man's representatives proposed a different resolution:

From first viewing it looked as though Diaz may have thrown the first bottle down on the McGregor group himself but they were soon raining in both directions - with McGregor launching a number of bottles from the stage as Dana White pleaded with him to stop.

It wasn't immediately clear if anyone was hurt in the brief exchange in August but a Las Vegas police officer did confirm that at least one full aluminium can of energy drink was thrown.

McGregor was restrained by myriad UFC staff as the organisation's president immediately called a halt to proceedings. White had begun the press conference in surly form when McGregor's tardiness again clearly irking the sport's figurehead.

"He has to start respecting people's time - yours, theirs, David Copperfield's," said White. "We're having a press conference here [with or without him]."

McGregor showed up around 28 minutes late, immediately insisting he had been incorrectly informed that the conference was to begin at 1.30pm local time, not 1.00pm.

"I thought it was half one, it was half one. Vegas traffic is heavy this time of year. There must be a McGregor show on. These press conferences have helped shape what it is but also they have almost...they have got me kicked off cards."

As he began the answer to the next question, those words proved prophetic. Diaz walked off the stage and chaos ensued.

"F*** your whole team," shouted Diaz as he made his exit behind a row of TV cameras followed by his brother Nick and the rest of his team.

"Get the f*** outta here," McGregor roared back.  Then came the shower of plastic bottles and cans.

NAC hearing quotes: @MMAFighting