Pic: New UFC t-shirt featuring 'map' of Ireland is not going down well

Not a smart move by the usually razor sharp UFC
Not a smart move by the usually razor sharp UFC

Ahead of the big show in Dublin on Saturday night one new item of merchandise designed for the Irish market is not going down well.


The t-shirt no longer appears on the Reebok site, so it seems the criticism has been effective.

UPDATE: 15.30:

SBG coach John Kavanagh adds his voice to the displeasure over the t-shirt and he expects action on it from UFC.


UFC fans all over Ireland are counting down the days until the UFC Fight Night Dublin event in the 3Arena on Saturday night.

Many may head to official supplier Reebok's website to get themselves some new gear before the big night but many who have already are not too pleased with a new Map of Ireland' t-shirt that has gone on sale.

The removal of Northern Ireland has caused a serious stir online, especially as the blurb on the site implores fans to 'Show your UFC territorial allegiance with this UFC Ireland map tee'.

Technically the map accurately shows the Republic of Ireland but we all know that you simply don't erase the six counties from an image of Ireland due the sensitivities that remain on this island.

It seems someone in the UFC/Reebok didn't get the memo though.

The views of most Irish MMA fans is best summed up by this tweet from Andrew McGahon of Irish MMA website SevereMMA.

We doubt they will be selling these at the 3Arena on Saturday night.