Nate Diaz adds further fuel to UFC 200 fire as he suggests fight is off

Will these two fighters face off again at UFC 200?
Will these two fighters face off again at UFC 200?

Contrary to Conor McGregor's assertion yesterday that he is back on the UFC 200 card, Diaz's Tweet suggests that the hugely anticipated main event is off.

After the Notorious' triumphant UFC 200 return Tweet yesterday, it looked as though the McGregor-Diaz rematch might yet go ahead.

Despite Dana White's previous assertions that if a fighter doesn't promote, he doesn't fight, the Dubliner's earning power looked like it might have swayed the UFC President.

That earning power, in contrast to a huge UFC star name in Jon Jones, looks something like this:

However, the man who handed McGregor his first loss in eight UFC bouts has now added further fuel to the media fire surrounding UFC 200 as he looks to be off on holiday.

Following his comments at the UFC 200 press conference last week that he would go on vacation if he wasn't going to be fighting McGregor, Diaz looks to be doing exactly that:

This backs up White's comments on the UFC 200 billing yesterday, when he told American entertainment outlet TMZ that his earlier statement on McGregor being pulled from the July 9 event stood true:

"He'll fight on 201, 202, 203, whatever," White stated.

"I don’t know when. We'll get it figured out."

The UFC President seemed baffled by McGregor's Tweet yesterday, which tagged both White and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta.

"I don't know," report White as saying. "I don't know why he did. I still haven't talked to him. We had a whole press conference about this. I just don't know how more clear I can make it."

Fans will be patiently waiting for McGregor's next move as his claims that he was back on the UFC 200 billing look to have been more games in this ongoing battle between the Irishman and the UFC.