Conor McGregor's earnings per second for UFC 194 are insane

McGregor: In the money
McGregor: In the money

Conor McGregor pocketed a staggering amount of money for just 13 seconds work on Saturday night.

Of course, years and years of work and dedication went into the ability to do what he did so precisely to Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds but the per-second earnings he made for time in the Octagon are truly eye watering.

Forbes Magazine, who know money better than most, provide the most detailed breakdown of the nature of McGregor's payday.

They say that McGregor was in for a cut of between $3 and $5 of every pay-per-view purchased.

Figures are not in yet but that is estimated to be in the region of one million buys so that means between $3m and $5m for the Dubliner on that alone.

Add in another $580,000 in direct pay from the UFC and sponsor cash and the pile of money McGrgeor could be in line for may be over the €5.5m mark. 

That is just over €5million, or a little over €384,000 per second he spent in the Octagon.

That is just under THREE times the amount Ronda Rousey earned per second in her 34-second win over Beth Correia at UFC 190, where she earned an estimated €134,000 per second.