May 27th, 2017


All the UFC 205 broadcast info you need to know ahead of McGregor bout

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McGregor in predictably feisty mood at his pre-fight press conference

McGregor steals belt and has to be restrained at UFC press conference

McGregor shooting hoops in Madison Square Garden, New York City

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Conor McGregor 'couldn't give a boll***s' about Donald Trump

McGregor has a new motor for fight week

PICS: Rolls Royce have given Conor McGregor a very special car

Everyone will be very clear exactly who is inside anyway

McGregor during the UFC 205 press conference in September

McGregor says opponent's wife won't recognise him after UFC 205

McGregor has been talking up a potential fight with boxing great Floyd Mayweather

Katie Taylor's promoter dismisses McGregor's boxing ambitions

French UFC fighter Thibault Gouti being submitted by Teemu Packalen at UFC Fight Night in London earlier this year

MMA has effectively been banned in France

Mixed martial arts has effectively been banned in France under new regulations on combat sports.