The best sporting April Fools' Day jokes

Gerrard a Premier League winner at last
Gerrard a Premier League winner at last

April Fools' Day is not popular with everyone, but there have been some cracking attempts to surprise the more gullible souls among us today.

Here are some of the images that have been trying (and often failing) to surprise people on this infamous day:

Twitter was flooded with images of Manchester United skipper (and Everton fan) Wayne Rooney sporting a new tattoo of Liverpool FC's liver bird logo and YNWA (You'll Never Walk Alone) underneath.

The Daily Star story went that Rooney got the tattoo after losing a bet that he would score against Liverpool in United's 2-1 win at Anfield last month. Of course, it was a hoax.

The BBC set a few Liverpool hearts fluttering when they claimed veteran striker was on his way back to Anfield in a shock move. It was the BBC after all and they don't do fun right? Oh sorry, they did today.

Meanwhile, the always popular Ashley Cole was reported to be given a stature to celebrate his fine career, with a half Chelsea/half Arsenal image designed to highlight his contribution to both clubs.

"Cole's statue will be placed in Regent's Park due to it being equidistant to the club's two stadiums," reported the Evening Standard, referring to a player who was not especially liked by fans of either club. No one fell for this one right? has benefitted from the stunning photoshop work of Twitter user @Wicknes007 and he came up with this image to poke fun at Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard.

Not surprisingly, the image of Gerrard holding the Premier League trophy went down well with Manchester United supporters....but didn't bring too many smiles to the faces of Liverpool fans.

Such is the craziness at FIFA that the suggestion they are planning to give 2022 World Cup hosts Qatar a free pass to play at the Euro 2020 finals did not seem quite so ridiculous....until you realised what the date was.

Finally, the English Sports' Journalists Association claimed they had the scoop of the year as they suggested talks are under way for Tottenham hero Harry Kane to join Arsenal in a £100m deal.

No player would be foolish enough to make that kind of move now....unless their name was Sol Campbell of course!