Arsene Wenger hits out at Jose Mourinho once more

Verbal jousts between Wenger and Mourinho continue
Verbal jousts between Wenger and Mourinho continue

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit out at Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho once again, as the war of words between the Premier League’s top two managers continued.

Mourinho’s side have been accused of playing negative football as they close in on the Premier League title, with the Chelsea boss responding to that claim by poking fun at Arsenal’s failure to win the biggest prize in English football is “really boring”, with Wenger unable to resist the temptation to hit back at that barb.

“The biggest thing of managers is to respect each other and some people have to improve on that,” Wenger said.

“Everybody lives with his own internal problems and I live with mine. That’s enough.”

“You can have incidents with other managers at times. It can get a bit heated when you fight directly with them at times. In the end, I believe time heals and what is the most important is to respect each other as much as you can.”

Wenger’s latest feisty comments are the latest round of verbal spats between the duo who clearly have a deep dislike for each other, with Mourinho’s eagerness to poke fun at the Arsenal boss not waning during his two spells as Chelsea boss.

Just for once, Mourinho decided not to respond to Wenger's comments, as he told reporters at his press briefing that he would not be drawn on the accusations from the Arsenal manager.

Mourinho is likely to have the last laugh this weekend, as Chelsea will win the Premier League title if they collect three points against Crystal Palace on Sunday.