WATCH - Sepp Blatter's dictatorship continues

President Blatter refuses to be broken
President Blatter refuses to be broken

So the madness has been given a license to continue.

Joseph Blatter - or Sepp as he is increasingly infamously known around the football world - has defied all logic, ignored all common sense and belligerently ignored the weight of public opinion around the sporting world to continue his reign as president of FIFA.

Quite how this farce be allowed to progress just a few days after so many of Blatter’s friends on his FIFA executive committee were arrested by the FBI is a bewildering mystery, with the scale of their alleged bribery, racketeering and criminal activity stunning for those who have long suspected such activity was rife within the game’s governing body.

Yet dictators never know when are beaten and with Blatter always assured of the votes he needed to secure a fifth term as FIFA head man, this 79-year-old ruler of a sport that is cherished by so many around the world simply refused to consider relinquishing power.

The words of former FIFA presidential candidate Luis Figo said much about the emotions of the football world as confirmation predictably arrived that Blatter would remain at the helm of the game’s ruling body.

Figo was not wrong in his judgement. This vote was a travesty for the game we all love. A crime against a sport that has seen its reputation soiled by FIFA and the profit making crooks associated with it, with many already pleading guilty to the FBI charges presented to them.

Against such a backdrop, even Blatter must suspect his crushing election victory does not represent the end of a story that is surely only just developing.

Blatter may claim he has secured a mandate to reign over FIFA for another full term and yet the FBI investigation into the organisation he is in charge is still very much ongoing and eventually, the man at the top may even have some questions to answer within that enquiry.

In the opinion of journalist Heidi Blake – who has been prominent in exposing FIFA’s corruption – the beginning of the end of Blatter may soon be nigh despite his latest election success.

Blatter’s acceptance speech was predictably cringe worthy, but let’s be honest here, this guy doesn’t care less who he upsets at this stage. He confirmed as much in this presentation below:

Blatter will convince himself and those around him that conspiracy from Europe and American to undermine his reign as FIFA chief is unjust, but we all know his words are as hollow as they are discredited.

What should happen next is a widespread European withdrawal from the next World Cup as without Germany, Spain, England, Italy and dare we say the Republic of Ireland from Russia 2018, Blatter will be faced with a tournament that not even his most loyal sponsors will continue to support.

"I'd be surprised if Mr Blatter was still in this job in two years' time," was the reaction of English FA chief Greg Dyke after the vote, but do European football decision makers at UEFA have the courage to make that collective call, with America and Australia joining them in the boycott?

That remains to be seen, but what is now increasingly evident is that unless unprecedented steps are taken, Blatter’s ugly control of the game they used to call beautiful will continue.