Video: Paulo Wanchope gets into massive punch up on sidelines

Paulo and the man get into it
Paulo and the man get into it

Former Manchester City and West Ham striker Paulo Wanchope has got himself caught up in a bizarre fight with a diminutive security official - with his size and weight difference not helping him as his rival got nasty.

Wanchope was in charge of Costa Rica’s Under-23s side and he was clearly angry as he tried to make his way on to the touchline to address his players.

When he riled a fan in the stands, the brawl that followed needed to be broken up by the local law enforcement, with the big man stunned by the eagerness of his smaller rival to get involved.

It has since been confirmed that Wanchope has resigned from his job with the Costa Rica side and on this evidence, he may not have the temperament to be a full-time manager.