WATCH - Shocking footage of Man City fans taunting Man Utd's Munich dead

City fans taunting Munich air crash victims
City fans taunting Munich air crash victims

Shocking footage has emerged which apparently shows Manchester City supporters chanting vile abuse to 'celebrate' the 1958 Munich air crash that claimed the lives of a host of Manchester United stars.

Youtube channel Beanyman Sports has published a clip that seemed to show City fans singing a sickening song in the direction of United supporters ahead of the Manchester derby last Sunday, in images that have caused a storm of protest on social media. 

The air crash in Munich on February 6th 1958 claimed the lives of 20 United players, as well as journalists and plane staff, as Matt Busby's players flew back from a European Cup game in Belgrade, which had stopped in Munich to refuel.

It was one of the most horrific incidents in English football history, yet these City fans seem to have a very different view of the incident as they chanted:

"Who's that dying on the runway....Who's that dying in the snow....It's Matt Busby and his boys."

This emergence of this footage follows reports that several City fans were ejected from Old Trafford on Sunday for signing the same song about the Munich air crash, as they saw they side slump to a 4-2 defeat against their deadly rivals.

Check out the shocking clip below, which is certain to cause outrage across the football community.