Video - Wayne Rooney and Ed Sheeran sing Angels

Rooney and Sheeran duet in New York
Rooney and Sheeran duet in New York

Wayne Rooney and Ed Sheeran have been caught on camera singing songs together before, but this latest episode may not have been the proudest episode for the Manchester United skipper.

Looking very much the worse for wear after downing 'two or three pints' on his summer holiday in New York, Rooney and Sheeran took to the stage to blast out a duet of Robbie Williams' karaoke classic Angels.

We don't think Wazza and Shazza are likely to team up to make an album together on this evidence, but have a laugh at this clip as captured by Instagram user .


And then that little ginger sang Robbie Williams. Nice duo #aboutlastnight #onlyinnyc

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This clip below from last year confirms these two have performed together before, with Rooney a little more coherant in this video: