Video: Roy Keane - I get worried if I don’t fall out with people every few months

Keane was speaking to publicise Guide Dogs Day on May 1
Keane was speaking to publicise Guide Dogs Day on May 1

Speaking at an event to mark Guide Dog Day on May 1, Roy Keane opened up about Alex Ferguson, the Irish team and his time as a pundit

While Roy Keane may have had more than his fair share of disputes with various individuals and groups he has always been a staunch supporter of Irish Guide Dogs.

Every year he makes sure to attend their events and this year was no exception, as he engaged in a public interview to promote Guide Dog Day tomorrow, May 1.

As always, the Ireland assistant coach was as open and frank with the person firing the questions at him, and on this day it was Kevin Kelly, a member of the Blind Football Ireland Squad and the proud owner of guide dog called Miles.

Questions about Alex Ferguson (Kevin is a big Manchester United) elicited a great response from the former midfield great.

“I fell out with Ferguson towards the end but I had 12 and a half great years working with him and I wouldn’t swap that for anything, it was brilliant. People will talk about disagreements and fallouts but you’re trying to win football matches and there’s a lot of pressure... I like people to have disagreements, that’s the nature of the game we’re in. So the fact that I have disagreements with Ferguson or ex-team mates, to me that’s the most natural thing in the world. I get worried if I don’t fall out with people every few months!”

He also spoke well about adjusting to life after playing: “There are parts of you, which is only natural, thinking I wouldn’t mind a kick around. But I don’t wake up every morning going I wish I was a player. I was very lucky. I played at Forest for three years, I had 12 and a half for United, I had six months at Celtic. Instead of looking back, what I do is count my blessings.”

And, of course, he spoke about his love of guide dogs:  “I got involved many years ago, thinking it might last one or two years, but I think the Guide Dogs are like the mafia, once you join it you can’t leave! No obviously I enjoy it. As soon as you meet people with the dogs saying how much the dogs means to them and without them they wouldn’t be able to get out and about, it’s absolutely fantastic.”

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