Video - Maradona and Veron clash in "Game of Peace"

Maradona lets Veron know what he thinks of him
Maradona lets Veron know what he thinks of him

It should have been a night of friendly football action in a match dubbed "Game of Peace", but Argentine legend Diego Maradona couldn't resist an angry exchange with his compatriot Juan Sebastian Veron.

The firebrand Maradona has never been a big admirer of Veron and has previously gone on record to criticise the former Manchester United and Chelsea midfielder.

Yet his outburst in this charity game appears to have been very badly timed, with Veron blatantly uninterested in getting involved with 55-year-old Maradona.

This video posted on the Gazzetta Dello Sport website makes for comedy viewing, as two giants of the game from yesteryear go head-to-head in a battle that brought smiles from those looking on in the stadium and the other players taking part.

All this in a game arranged by Pope Francis to raise money for victims of the Italian earthquake earlier this year.

You can laugh along at the slightly comical scenes here.