Video - Lionel Messi stars in a new advert for crisps

Messi joined Lineker in a new crisps advert
Messi joined Lineker in a new crisps advert

He may not be a man who needs to line his pockets with extra cash, but Barcelona legend Lionel Messi has signed up to become a crisp salesman.

As the final embers of the most uneventful transfer window in recent memory drew to a close, long-standing snack promoter and former England striker Gary Lineker broke the news that the greatest player of the modern generation has signed up to join him as the faces of Walkers crisps.

The English crisp maker has become an official sponsor of the Champions Legaue and as part of the deal, they got a chance to make an avert with the great Messi.

The scene featuring Messi and Lineker is good fun, with this advert set to be aired when Champions League action returns to our screens later this month.