Video - Klopp's nutmeg on Firmino is comedy gold

Klopp couldn't resist Firmino prank
Klopp couldn't resist Firmino prank

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is known to enjoy a practical joke and you can only chuckle at his cheeky nutmeg of striker Roberto Firmino as the Reds prepared for their Europa League game against Augsburg.

The full workings of Klopp's prank are on display in this video, as he spots Firmino's wide leg stance, ponders his options for a moment and then fires the ball at his target.

Klopp's comedy laugh added to the moment, as the jovial German chuckles away like a naughty school kid after his prank.

If you are having a miserable ole day at work, this wonderful video will cheer you up: