Video - Klopp masters the art of the Sturridge goal dance

Klopp does the Sturridge (@LFC)
Klopp does the Sturridge (@LFC)

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has served up another viral video hit, after he showed some young fans in America how to carry off Daniel Sturridge’s goal celebration.

Klopp has proved himself to be game for a laugh in his first year at Liverpool, as he took part in a brilliant interview with a young fan a few months back and he has also offered up some comedy moments on the training pitch that have been caught on camera.

Throw in a few colourful post match press conferences and you have a character who is proving to be as entertaining off the field as his team have been on it so far, with his latest moment of humour already proving to be a big hit on social media.

As Klopp spent time with some young Reds fans ahead of their latest tour match, he was asked to give his version of Sturridge’s waving arm goal moment and the German was quick to take up the offer.

"Once you start, you cannot stop, try it and if you do it for long enough you can fly," said Klopp, clearly revelling in the moment.

We think you will agree he gave his all to a rendition that went down well with his excited audience, as they all decided to join in: