Video: Jurgen Klopp press conference interrupted by beeping recorder

Video: Jurgen Klopp press conference interrupted by beeping recorder

Journalists attending the latest press conference given by Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp were handed a grinning reprimand as a recorder ran out of power and started to bleep.

Ahead of Liverpool’s home Europa League second-leg tie against FC Augsburg, one reporter’s recorder began beeping as the German was speaking.

The Reds boss was quick to notify the offending party, but he did so in a much less aggressive way than Roy Keane's famous put down to a journalist in his days as Ipswich boss.

This is how Keane famously dealt with a similar incident, with smiles not evident here:

Klopp, who has had to field endless questions about Daniel Sturridge's fitness and future since he arrived in October, was pleased the player was able to finally speak publicly for himself.

"I agree with everything he said. It was interesting to hear what you asked. He was completely relaxed," said Klopp.

"A few things are more clear now than before. That is what we need. We don't want to think about the wrong things.

"I heard from him not from second or third-hand a lot of times 'future LFC' and I don't know another LFC so I think he means Liverpool Football Club.

"Everything is fine and you can all stop thinking about this. This is good for us.

"He is a really good football player and now he is able to play. That is what we want to see all the time."

The former Dortmund manager was frustrated following his side's failure to net in a 0-0 draw against the Bundesliga opposition in last Thursday's first leg.