Video - Jose Mourinho's astonishment at interviewers questions

Mourinho frustrated by another home draw
Mourinho frustrated by another home draw

Jose Mourinho was less than impressed by a line of questioning used by a BBC reporter after his side's 1-1 draw against West Brom at Old Trafford

United may be unbeaten in the Premier League since October, but after an EIGHTH home draw of the season in the Premier League, Mourinho was in mood for pleasantries after the game when it was put to him whether he thought the 0-0 result was a fair outcome.

The reporter asked: "Jose, we saw you smiling with Tony Pulis at the end, did you cancel each other out at the end?"

Jose replied: "You think so?" You think so really? You think that's a question?"

The reporter attempted to clarify that he simply asked the question because Mourinho cracked a smile with adversary Pulis.