Video: Jamie Carragher calls Balotelli signing 'a major mistake'

SoccerBy Sean Nolan
Why always me: Misfit Mario looks to be on his way
Why always me: Misfit Mario looks to be on his way

On last night's Monday Night Football, Jamie Carragher was pretty happy with the news that Mario Balotelli is close to leaving Anfield.

It was being reported all day yesterday that Mario Balotelli was on the brink of a loan move to AC Milan from Liverpool, where he has had minimal impact in his 12 months at the club.

Reports today say he is undergoing a medical at the club's training ground, and we expect that a formal announcement on the deal will be made later today.

And one person who won't be lamenting his departure is Jamie Carragher, who spoke about the flop signing on Monday Night Football last night.

As well as saying Liverpool made 'a major mistake' in signing the striker, he also accused Balotelli of 'kidding' the coaches at AC Milan if they thought he was worth having at the club.