Video: Ireland player asked if he'd like to rear end Roy Keane

Alex Pearce just before Tommy Martin's question
Alex Pearce just before Tommy Martin's question

Maybe it was the sunshine, but Tommy Martin asked a press conference question for the ages today at the Ireland squad update at Malahide.

In light of the minor accident that the Irish management team of Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane were involved in last night on the M50, it was understandable that the matter would come up when they met the media today.

O'Neill batted it away comfortably, saying he was 'fine' but when Robbie Brady and Alex Pearce took their turn in front of the microphones pitchside, the fun really started.

Pearce was asked about the incident and, predictably said the lads had 'had a bit of banter' about it over dinner.

Then TV3's Martin had a follow up that he may never live down: 'Would you like to rear-end Roy Keane'.

It got even more awkward from there...