Ireland fans takeover in Bordeaux as pub stops serving pints due to coolers overheating

Ireland fans outside The Connemara Irish Pub in Bordeaux
Ireland fans outside The Connemara Irish Pub in Bordeaux

A pub in Bordeaux where Irish fans were congregating was forced to stop serving tonight because they "couldn't pour any more drinks".

Patrick Jackson, bar manager at The Connemara Irish Pub on Cours Albert in the city, said some customers were getting "a bit rowdy".

"A decision was made to stop serving drinks between 9.30pm and 11.30pm.

"We pulled so many pints during the day that the coolers, they started to get warm. It was non-stop for nine hours.

"Then they [got too] warm.

"It was also it was getting a bit rowdy."

But there was good news for Irish fans in the area as the pub started serving again from 11.30pm.

Outside the bar, about 500 fans had congregated by around 9.30pm.

A number of those there were drinking bottles and cans bought in a nearby off-licence.

Mr Jackson explained that the atmosphere had calmed down shortly after they stopped serving.

"All the stupid people are starting to leave and we are keeping the good crowd."

He continued: "The people who were making trouble are starting to leave.

"Sometimes you have situations where you have a line and if people cross that line you don't go back.

"You have to make sure you stop before that happens."

Asked if people got angry when he introduced the two-hour booze ban, Mr Jackson said "no".

"They took it in a good way. They have been here for nine hours so they can take a break.

"It's not like we are calling it a day, just a small break."

Gardai, who are based in France for the duration of the tournament, visited the bar and the area around it earlier on Thursday.

They are expecting up to 1,000 fans to show up on the street, which has been closed off by police, by this afternoon.

Cathal McMahon