Van Gaal tells fans to boo him and not Man Utd team

United fans losing patience with Van Gaal's tactics
United fans losing patience with Van Gaal's tactics

Louis van Gaal has urged the Manchester United supporters to stand by the team and direct any annoyance they have with their performances in his direction.

United fans booed loudly when Van Gaal substituted Anthony Martial for Marouane Fellaini in the 66th minute of Tuesday's 1-0 win over CSKA Moscow.

The supporters were clearly unhappy about the often sterile style of play as they also sang: "We're Man Utd, we want to attack."

Van Gaal admits supporters are entitled to their opinion, but believes negativity is seeping through to the players.

"The supporters have to support the players otherwise they make it very difficult for the players to play at Old Trafford," the United manager said.

"I can only advise the fans to criticise the manager and not the players. It's very difficult to play for Manchester United with a lot of pressure and you can taste that in Old Trafford because of all the yelling, then it's not good for my players," Van Gaal added.

"It's better to whistle the manager, I can cope with it because I have had a lot of experience in my life as a manager."

Van Gaal defended his team's performance in the win against CSKA Moscow - which came after three straight goalless draws - and insisted the fans should be proud of their team for beating CSKA at home for the first time in the club's history.

"I think we have attacked 85 minutes of the 90 so we have given a lot of entertainment," he continued.

"It is difficult to disorganise a team that has 10 people defending behind the ball, you have to take that into account always.

"When two teams are attacking it is more easy to score goals, that is why trainer coaches use these tactics against us.

"I didn't know (before) but I read the history of CSKA. They played last year against Manchester City at home and they won 2-1.

"Even in the golden age of Manchester United they could not win at home (against CSKA) so we have made history."

It is clear that Van Gaal is growing a little tired of the criticism flowing in his direction, but he gets another chance to dampen down his critics in Saturday's game against West Bromwich Albion.