Update on the condition of ex-Liverpool star Rigobert Song

Song still fighting for his life
Song still fighting for his life

Former Liverpool star Rigobert Song has awoken from a coma, but is still fighting for his life after suffering a stroke.

The ex-Cameroon international was rushed to hospital in Cameroon after suffering from a brain aneurysm and was in a critical condition, but he has now been flown to France for additional treatment.

“He has come out of his coma and the oxygen has been disconnected,” stated Dr Louis Joss Bitang A Mafok, director of the hospital in Cameroon where Song had been taken following his illness.

“His high blood pressure has returned to normal and the cerebral haemorrhage has been controlled.

“A medical aircraft will be in Cameroon in (Tuesday) he morning, we will have a working session with the French team and then he will be flown to France.”

These were images of Song published on Twitter by broadcasting Kelechi Nkoro on Tuesday morning.

Liverpool greats Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler were among those who joined the chorus of support that flowed in Song’s direction when news of his illness broke on Monday, with the latest update appearing to be a little more upbeat for the 40-year-old former defender.