UEFA dismiss reports of "behind closed doors" Euro 2016 matches

Ireland fans will be out in force at Euro 2016 this summer
Ireland fans will be out in force at Euro 2016 this summer

UEFA have moved to dismiss reports suggesting high profile Euro 2016 games could be played behind closed doors amid security fears.

The terrorist incidents in Brussels on Tuesday that killed 34 people and injured over a hundred more heightened the fears that this summer’s tournament in France could be a high profile target for further attacks.

Yet UEFA are convinced Euro 2016 can be policed efficiently, with increased security being introduced to combat any potential threats.

There were suggestions that European soccer chiefs had considered the prospect of stages matches without any crowds in attendance, but that position has now been clarified by UEFA.

“We are confident that all security measures will be in place for a safe and festive Euro and therefore there are no plans to play matches behind closed doors,” read their statement.

“However, we are nevertheless working on contingency plans and on multiple scenarios around crisis situations since we take the security of all participants [players, fans, etc] very seriously.”

French authorities have bolstered their security measures since the terrorist attacks in Paris last November, which included an aborted attack on a soccer match at Stade de France.

It means that fans are set to face a lengthy process getting into stadiums for the Euro 2016 matches, with police planning to impose a ‘ring of steel’ around all venues.