The top goal scorers of all-time for the 20 Premier League clubs

Wayne Rooney celebrates his record-equalling goal
Wayne Rooney celebrates his record-equalling goal

On the day Wayne Rooney went top of the all-time charts for Manchester United, here is who leads the way for all the other top-flight sides

Arsenal: Thierry Henry, 228 goals in 377 appearances, 1999-2007 and 2012

Bournemouth: Ron Eyre, 229 goals, 1924-33

Burnley: George Beel, 187 goals in 377 appearances, 1922-32

Chelsea: Frank Lampard, 211 goals in 648 appearances, 2001-14

Crystal Palace: Peter Simpson, 165 goals in 195 appearances, 1929-35

Everton: Dixie Dean, 383 goals in 433 appearances, 1924-38

Hull: Chris Chilton, 222 goals in 477 appearances, 1960-71

Leicester: Arthur Chandler, 273 goals in 419 appearances, 1923-35

Liverpool: Ian Rush, 346 goals in 660 appearances, 1980-86 and 1988-96

Man City: Eric Brook, 177 goals in 493 appearances, 1927-40

Man Utd: Wayne Rooney, 249 goals in 543 appearances, 2004-present and Sir Bobby Charlton, 249 goals in 758 appearances, 1956-1973

Middlesbrough: George Camsell, 345 goals in 453 appearances, 1925-46

Southampton: Mick Channon, 228 goals in 607 appearances, 1966-77 and 1979-82

Stoke: John Ritchie, 176 goals in 351 appearances, 1963-66 and 69-74

Sunderland: Bobby Gurney, 228 goals in 388 appearances, 1925-39

Swansea: Ivor Allchurch, 164 goals in 445 appearances, 1947-58 and 65-68

Tottenham: Jimmy Greaves, 266 goals in 379 appearances, 1961-70

Watford: Luther Blissett, 186 goals in 503 appearances, 1976-92

West Brom: Tony Brown, 279 goals in 720 appearances, 1963-81

West Ham: Vic Watson, 326 goals in 505 appearances, 1920-35

:: Aside from Rooney, only Thierry Henry and Frank Lampard have played for the clubs in question this century with Ian Rush the only other player whose record-setting spell continued after the inauguration of the Premier League.
:: Nine of the 20 set their records in spells spanning the 1920s and '30s.
:: Everton's 383 is the highest tally while the lowest is Swansea's 164.
:: Everton's Dixie Dean is also the most prolific scorer on the list, with a strike rate of 0.884 goals per game or seven every eight games.
:: Luther Blissett and Tony Brown also hold the record for most appearances for Watford and West Brom respectively.
:: Eric Brook made three additional appearances for Manchester City in the 1939-40 season, which was expunged due to the outbreak of the Second World War.