Sky Sports presenter duped into reading out false facts about Lincoln Red Imps

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Sky Sports' gaffe was almost as embarrassing as Celtic's loss
Sky Sports' gaffe was almost as embarrassing as Celtic's loss

A Sky Sports presenter was left red-faced this morning when fake facts posted about Celtic conquerors Lincoln Red Imps made their way onto his broadcast.

Considering the minnow status of Celtic's Champions League qualifier opponents, it is natural that the footballing world knew little about the Lincoln Red Imps.

However, these 'facts' posted on Twitter by @WeahsCousin should have set alarm bells ringing for any reader.

There is no doubting the ingenuity of the post but certainly anyone working in the game might at least check the veracity of the 'facts'.

Despite this, Sky Sports presenter Mike Wedderburn managed to incorporate some of the blatantly-obvious fiction into his broadcast. 

An interview with former Celtic man Andy Walker threw up this modern-day footballing gem:

The Twitter reaction to the embarrassing gaffe rivalled the last night's scorn at Celtic's 1-0 defeat:

Even more embarrassingly for Sky, Twitter user GeorgeWeahsCousin posted this an hour after the initial 'facts' Tweet:

This gives a new meaning to the phrase 'You had one job'.