Blatter to serve a fifth term as Al Hussein pulls out

Blatter has won another term
Blatter has won another term

Sepp Blatter will serve a fifth term as FIFA president, after Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein pulled out of the running in the second round.

He was re-elected after Prince Ali bin al-Hussein pulled out of the running in the second round of voting.

Prime Minister David Cameron joined calls for Mr Blatter to resign after 18 people were arrested as US and Swiss authorities launched investigations into kickbacks, bribes and "rampant corruption" dating back decades.

But the Swiss bureaucrat, 79, was determined to hang on to his position and he is set to stay at the helm of the world football governing body for another four years.

The 209 Fifa member federations gave the 79-year-old another four-year term after Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan conceded defeat after losing 133-73 in the first round.

Prince Ali's promise of a clean break from Fifa's tarnished recent history was rejected despite the worst scandal in the organisation's 111-year history.

In his pre-election address to the 209 delegates, Blatter said: "We don't need revolutions, but we always need evolutions. Yesterday and the day before and even today I am being held accountable for the current storm.

"So be it, I will shoulder that responsibility, I will take it. I'll accept this responsibility and I want to fix Fifa together with you.

"I want to do it now and tomorrow and the day after and the weeks and months to come, so that at the end of my term of office I'll be able to hand over a solid Fifa, a Fifa that will have emerged from the storm.

"A strong Fifa, a Fifa that's integrated and a part of our society, a Fifa that will have enough safeguards to not need the political interventions anywhere they will come from."

His opponent Prince Ali appealed for change. "The eyes of the world are upon us and not for the first time and this time everything is at stake."

He added: "Listen to your conscience and listen to your hearts. For the soul of our game and for a new dawn for Fifa."