Scotland players forced to eat Burger King for dinner

Strachan promoting a new post-match diet routine for his Scotland players
Strachan promoting a new post-match diet routine for his Scotland players

More details Scotland's disastrous trip to Georgia for their Euro 2016 qualifier last Friday have emerged - and they don't make for healthy reading!

All Ireland fans were delighted to see the Scots stumble to a defeat in Tbilisi as that opened the reopened the door to Euro 2016 qualifying for Martin O'Neill's men, but it seems that the misery was complete for Gordon Strachan's bedraggled troops.

After losing 1-0 against Georgia, the chartered plane taking the Scotland team back to Glasgow ahead of their game against world champions Germany on Monday failed to turn up.

That forced a clearly deflated Scottish players to turn their post match meal into a trip to Burger King, with the organisation around the team coming under fire from our Tartan Army loving friends.

You can only imagine how Roy Keane would have reacted if the FAI had made such a mess of an away trip and in the view of ex-Scotland midfielder Craig Burley, those in positions of authority have questions to answer.

“It was nearly 100 degrees in Georgia so it really took a lot out of the players, so they had to get back to Glasgow as quickly as possible" Burley told ESPN.

“But the Scottish Football Association, who could not start a fire in a gas station, they are hopeless, ordered a chartered plane from a Dutch company because it was cheap, and it wasn’t there!

“They turned up at the airport in Tbilisi and the plane hadn’t arrived from Amsterdam because they (the SFA) are such cheap skates. It makes my blood boil.

“And why did the players have to get home quickly? Well, they only had the small matter of a Euro qualifier against the world champions, Germany. But here we are sprawled out across Tblisi Airport at 3am.

“They arrived back home in Scotland at breakfast time, body clock all over the place and in 48 hours they had to face the World Cup winners.

“And we wonder why, on top of not being good enough from a football perspective, we don’t qualify for major tournaments."

Images of jaded Scotland players waiting for their bags in airports were being circulated on social media (below), with their Burger King trip adding to the mess.

While we all love a Burger King Whopper on a night out, that kind of post-match feast is not generally the way forward in an era when sports nutritionalists are given as much prominence in sporting teams as the star striker.

Must do better would be the verdict on the Scotland national team....on and off the field.