RTE pundits have a good old row as Barcelona crash out

Brady sad to see Messi dumped out of Champions League
Brady sad to see Messi dumped out of Champions League

RTE's soccer pundits can never be accused of lacking an opinion and the duo of Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy were back on a war footing following Barcelona's Champions League exit at the hands of Atletico Madrid.

After Brady suggested Atletico had bundled Barcelona out of the Champions League after a 'cynical display', Dunphy could not contain his annoyance and expressed it in familiar fashion.

"I would rather have Barcelona (advancing to the next round) ten out of ten," stated Brady.

"It is a sad night because they (Atletico) are a cynical team. You [Dunphy] are celebrating but there is nothing to celebrate."

The duo then went back and forth on the matter in a reasonably heated exchange as Dunphy tried to explain why he admires Simeone's men.

"Hold on Liam, will you let me talk?," Dunphy asked as Brady began to interrupt him.

"They aren't cynical. They are hard working. They are aggressive. There is a difference between cynicism and aggression in my view."

Dunphy then suggested that John Giles get the casting vote in the aggressive v cynical debate, and the senior analyst seemed to lean towards Dunphy rather than Brady.

"I think there is more to them than the cynicism approach," he said. There is an element of cynicism to them."