Roy Keane not impressed by the Pogba's show of brotherly love

Keano has never been the touchy-feely type
Keano has never been the touchy-feely type

Roy Keane was less than impressed by the jovial attitude displayed by Paul Pogba and his brother Florentin as they went head-to-head in the Europa League clash at Old Trafford on Thursday night.

United midfielder Pogba lined up against his elder brother for the first time in a competitive game as he took to the field for Saint-Etienne, with the duo barley suspending family bonds at any point during the game.

After a warm hug in the tunnel, the Pogba’s arrived on the field side by side, were in deep conversation as they left at half-time and lapped up a moment together on the pitch after United’s 3-0 win.

Unsurprisingly, the less than cuddly Keane was not impressed by their show of brotherly love, as he gave his views to ITV Sport.

“He enjoyed the night with his brother,” began Keane. “I was waiting for his mother and his other brother to come on at the end. It was almost like a testimonial.”

When asked whether the friendliness shown for a competitive game concerned Keane, he was quick to respond: “Yeah, it did. Listen, the boy Pogba is a free spirit, a bit of a character, but it was a little bit over the top with his brother.

“They have spoke to each other more tonight than I have spoken to any of my brothers in the last five years!

"It was all a bit strange and they are probably chatting as we speak at the end.

“There was a lot of nonsense before and after the game, but that is the modern day player I’m afraid.”

The former United skipper also offered some words of encouragement to United’s £89m record signing, who has been handed the midfield general role Keane filled with such distinction during his time with the club.

“We saw a bit of everything from Pogba,” added Keane. “Going forward brilliant and the defensive side of his game, that will come with experience. A really good player for United.”