Roy Keane delivered a great line about his kids last night at event for Barretstown

Roy Keane's kids had a great line about his famous glare
Roy Keane's kids had a great line about his famous glare

Roy Keane was in sparkling form last night as he spoke about a whole range of topics, including one killer line his kids delivered to him about his moods.

The former midfield legend was on stage at the Olympis for a live interview with Today FM's Matt Cooper to raise money for the Barretstown charity and over a long chat he was his usual entertaining self.

Speaking about his recent court case for road rage, which was thrown out of court, he was typically acerbic on the subject.

"I was in court last week because I apparently glare at people. He added: " My kids always say to me: 'Are you happy Dad?' And I say 'yeah' and they say 'well tell your face'.

He was also in jovial mood about the recent minor car crash he suffered on the M50.

When asked if Brian Clough was the only person who ever hit him wwithout Keane striking back the Cork man replied: “No a fella hit me few weeks ago on the M50 and I didn’t hit back”.

Keane also took on the more serious topic of Ireland's Euro 2016 hopes and his future in the assistant manager role if Ireland fails to qualify.

"It's all ifs and ands. If we didn't qualify, do the FAI want to keep us on? That's a big question mark. Would Martin want to stay on? Martin's a very proud man. If he did stay on, would he want me to say on with him? If he's gone obviously I'm gone. Even if Martin stays on do I want to get back into the driving seat myself? We'll see, we'll see.

He added: "I'm enjoying the job. Do I see myself here in two years? Who knows," he said. 

He also revealed he wants to get back to club management one day.

“I’m really enjoying my time with Ireland at the moment. Obviously things might change in the next few months depending on results. But I see myself getting back into club management hopefully in the next few years, we’ll see. I know people have been quite dismissive of my managerial career and I have been myself but I feel I did OK at Sunderland and I’m not patting myself on the back,” he said.

He added: “Long term do I see myself getting back into management? Yes. I think there will be a job out there for me and hopefully I can do a good one.”

Keane also expressed fears about the calibre of Irish player available in 2015.

“What’s happened to good young Irish players over the last couple years, I don’t know. Obviously you look back to that squad (1990 World Cup) a lot of the players were with the big clubs the Man Uniteds, the Chelseas, the Arsenals. You compare the Irish squad now and you say what has happened?”

He added: “It is a concern. Where are these players? How come they’re not at the bigger clubs? Even with the senior squad we’ve got a lot of lads in the Championship, some heading into League One and it’s definitely a worry,” he said.