Rooney claims he has had just ONE bad game this season

Rooney's comments have not gone down well on twitter
Rooney's comments have not gone down well on twitter

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has come under fire for his performances in the first few games of the new season, but he has insisted his critics are wrong to question him.

TV pundits, journalists and social media hawks have been quick to condemn Rooney as he has struggled to make his mark as United's lead striker, yet the England skipper has offered a stout defence of his own record as he hit back at his critics.

"I'm an honest guy. I know when I don't play well and against Aston Villa I was below my standards," Rooney told reporters.

"It's not a game which I want to look back on but obviously that happens in football. You'll have nights like that and you have to move on.

"I've had one bad game this season and everyone's all over it. I know, I've had that throughout my career but hopefully at the weekend I can get off the mark.

"It's early on in the season. We are just three games in. I've experienced this (criticism) before and the goals will come, I know that.

"I understand I have to be the one who's going to lead that line for us and try and find the goals for us."

Rooney's comments have created a strong reaction on social media sites, with his critics quick to laugh off his suggestion that he has failed in just one game this season.