Rodgers - Can't put a price on Philippe Coutinho

Coutinho in red hot form for Liverpool
Coutinho in red hot form for Liverpool

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has suggested it would be impossible to put a transfer value on his midfielder Philippe Coutinho after his stunning return to form in recent weeks.

Coutinho scored another spectacular winner as Liverpool beat Manchester City on Sunday, with Rodgers suggesting his value has soared beyond the £8.5m he paid to sign him in January 2013. 

"I wouldn’t want to put a value on him. What he gives to the team, he offers that gold dust to how we play," stated Rodgers.

“He’s a wonderful player. If you see his videos playing futsal when he was eleven or twelve in Brazil, he’s playing the same game now only as an adult. We put him in when he was 19. We knew he had ability, it was just about trusting that ability and allowing it to grow.

“We gave him a new contract to reward him for what he’s done, but before he did sign we spoke about what he needs to do to go the next level and about scoring goals more regularly because if he can add goals consistently to the talent he’ll be right up there as a world class talent.

“He’s normally the player who makes that last pass to those guys running in. We didn’t have that in the early months and he suffered because he had to stay longer on the ball and wasn’t as affective.

“Now the dynamics of the team are very good -- the structure, the pressing and the movement off the ball. That allows him and technical quality to really shine.

“He’s also starting to add goals to his game and he’s contributing to the team. Being so young, he still has improvements to make.

“We have a lot of young players, and if you track their ages then it’s very exciting. If they all stay together then it can be a real exciting time here at this club.”

Coutinho and Liverpool will continue their push to a top four finish in the Premier League when they take on Burnley at Anfield on Wednesday night.