Peter Schmeichel serves up a damning view of Pep Guardiola

Guardiola set for his first Manchester derby on Saturday
Guardiola set for his first Manchester derby on Saturday

Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel has claimed Pep Guardiola was ‘lucky’ to inherit a great team at Barcelona and then turned Bayern Munich into a ‘boring’ side during his time in Germany.

New Manchester City manager Guardiola won multiple trophies in his first two managerial postings, yet United’s 1999 Champions League winning keeper suggests the celebrated tactician has much to prove now that he has landed in England’s Premier League. 

Guardiola is set to take part in his first derby game against United at Old Trafford on Saturday and the the former Danish keeper offered up these less than glowing comments for the Spanish tactician.

“He was very lucky he had the players at Barcelona but he was clever in what he did,” Schmeichel is quoted by Omnisport.

“The Premier League is a completely different animal to any other in the world [though]. It just goes on and on and on, you feel it never stops, even in March you have 12 games to go, you think will this ever stop?

“He was okay at Bayern Munich. I have to say he was okay. For me, personally, he changed a really good, entertaining team to be become more boring to watch.”

Schmeichel - who had a brief spell with City at the back end of his career - went on to suggest that Guardiola’s desire to enforce his philosophy on his players was more important than producing entertaining football

“Whereas (Sir) Alex Ferguson's first priority was 'we have to be able to score goals' - for most coaches that's the priority - with Pep it's possession, I want to have as much possession as possible,” he added.

“So the philosophy goes to 'I want to have so much possession that at some point we'll score a goal from that, the goals will come from possession' and that's his philosophy.”

Mourinho and Guardiola’s first battle as Premier League manager is expected to draw a huge audience around the world, with the lunchtime kick-off in England ensuring that a huge audience in Asia will turn in on television to watch the drama until at Old Trafford.