WATCH - Scholes rips into Louis van Gaal

Van Gaal's United reign dividing opinions
Van Gaal's United reign dividing opinions

Paul Scholes believes Manchester United should be aiming for more than a top four finish this season and has accused manager Louis van Gaal of failing to move the club forward.

Scholes suggests nothing less that a top four finish will do for Van Gaal in his first season at United, as he offered this less than glowing assessment of his efforts following the 1-0 win at Newcastle on Wednesday night.

“This is a club that needs to be challenging to win the league, but he looks really happy to me to be fourth," he argued.

"He has spent 150 million pounds and while I can probably forgive him this season for a year as he has said he needs to settle in.

“This time next year, if they are not challenging for the league, then I think there is something wrong. Not finishing fourth is not good enough, but not challenging for the league is not good enough for me.

“Remember last year they spent 70 million quid as well under David Moyes. That’s 220 million they have spent and they look a worse team than they were [in Sir Alex Ferguson’s final season in charge].”

Scholes went on to suggest the brand of football Van Gaal is promoting is not good to watch and suggested fans will "have to put up with it."

"This is the way he plays football, it is a very possessio based game," said Scholes after another less than exciting United display at St James' Park.

"What we've been used to over the years is not what we are getting and we probably won't get that because we have not got the same manager.

"He has been employed by the club to bring his brand of football and it is not great to watch, but you have to say they are winning games."